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And yes, before you ask, he is going to potentially have a Marvel verse so come on over!

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[Which actor would you say best resembles Luke from The Walking Dead game series?]



is this what responsibilities look like

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Its about having fun and growing into your muse and expanding your character

In a totalitarian society where love is illegal, our characters have fallen head first into it with one another. Send “1984” for my character’s last thoughts and words to yours as the police break down the door to take them away for rehabilitation by torture.
TRACK NAME: Come Fly With Me
ALBUM TITLE: The Platinum Collection
ARTIST: Frank Sinatra


"If this is your way of askin’ me to break out the red and blue outfit for the sake of old times the answer isn’t no. It’s hell no."


     Toro laughed, shaking his head at the other, “Nah- I was just pointing out somethin’- s’been a while since I saved someone’s skin. Not to mention since I’ve worn those stupid green shorts. Which I won’t be wearing ever again- but still.”